Electromagnetic Polarity Reverser (I.P.E®)

I.P.E® is internationally certified by the ICNIRP Institute: emitted electromagnetic waves are not harmful to the health of people, animals or plants.
The electomagnetic waves are a very low intensity and frequency. The electro-physical principle used to remove humidity from a building is based on the positive and negative poles of water molecules. For water to rise up the walls, its molecules’ negative poles are facing up. This I.P.E® sends electromagnetic waves, that prevent water molecules from uniting and rising due to capillary action and repel them back towards the soil.


1090,00 2620,00  HT


The I.P.E® must be plugged at all times but consumes very little energy (0.75 W). A 12 V external power supply is included. It consumes about 12€ of electricity annually. It’s easy to install, no other equipment needed. The I.P.E® works at a very low frequency and very easily penetrates into solid bodies. It includes a 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee. BFL® Belgique has developed 6 types of devices with various treatment ranges. In fact, the I.P.E®. is effective in combatting rising humidity in buildings, ranging from 100 m2 to several thousands m2.

(I.P.E® 12 / I.P.E® 16 / I.P.E® 22 / I.P.E® Low28 / I.P.E® 32 / I.P.E® 46 / I.P.E® 62)