Why fight against indoor humidity?

Capillary rise represents a major humidity problem that it is important to control at the first signs: unpleasant sensations, loose wallpaper, bad smells, condensation, cracked paint, mould… The consequences of this humidity can be catastrophic for the health of the inhabitants and the foundations of their home.

Where do these capillary rises come from? Caused by damp floors, if no insulating barrier is present or if the latter is damaged, the water penetrates and rises in the walls naturally. Faced with the increasing distress of homeowners who are victims of the effects of excessive humidity, we have developed innovative solutions that best meet the needs and constraints of the inhabitants. They are based on a simple but effective electro-physical principle that allows water molecules to be directed towards the ground rather than the walls.


Integrate alternative solutions against humidity to increase customer satisfaction.

What are the reasons for investing in BFL® Belgium solutions? With BFL® Belgium solutions, treat the cause and not the consequences of excess humidity. A choice that will contribute to improving your customers’ satisfaction, and will place you as a pioneer in the alternative treatment of rising damp in Belgium.

  • Set your prices according to your financial and commercial strategy.
  • You decide on your objectives and your income.
  • Benefit from sales support to master the sales pitch and enjoy the advantages of a booming sector.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, our solutions will help you build an effective white-label business model.

Discover our solutions now and order the ones that best suit your customers’ needs. Do you need special advice before acquiring our solutions against hair lift?